Pet Portraits

 Below is some of the most recent commissions I have completed using oil paint. If you wish to have a portrait of you pet done please make contact with me via the contact form.

Billy - German Shepard Oil on deep edged canvas 16x20"
Sargent - Pitbull Oil on deep edged wood canvas 12 x 12"
Zack - Yorkshire Terrier oil on deep edged canvas 12x12"


How much does it cost to commission a painting of my pet?

Cost is calculated depending on the size of the painting and the breed. A quotation will be send to you for consideration.

How does shipping work?

Shipping is not included in the initial quotation. Shipping options will be explained to you. I don’t include shipping as distance to destination and size of the package do differ. For domestic orders I make use of The Courier Guy to deliver the painting to your door.

How does payment work?

On confirmation a non refundable 50% deposit of the quoted price (excl shipping) needs to be paid. The deposit covers the costs for canvas and other essentials. Balance of the cost including shipping fee must be paid before the painting is shipped out to you. Payments to be done via EFT to my bank account.

How do I get my deposit back?

The 50% deposit is non refundable as I would have used it to procure supplies. But in the event that I have to cancel due to inability to complete the painting for whatever reason, the refund would be given.

How long before I receive my painting?

As I paint in oil and in layers there is drying times in between. The painting also needs to be dry to the touch before it can be shipped out. It could be several weeks before you receive your painting. I will communicate and update you on progress and expected time.

If I order today can you start immediately?

Unfortunately not. I do work on a booking system and as soon as a slot becomes available I can start with your painting. I will communicate schedule availability to you.

What reference do you need to paint from?

Photo quality is very important. It is almost impossible to create a beautiful painting of your beloved fur friend if the photo reference is unclear, blurry or from a very poor angle.The photo reference need to be as clear as possible. If your pet has passed on, you need to send as much photos as you can for me to view. I will then confirm if I am able to paint your pet.

What is the best way to photograph my pet?

Best would be to take the photo outside in natural light. A flash overexpose the natural colors.Try not to take a photo during midday as the sun would be from above. Rather take a photo in the morning or later in the afternoon. Always go down the your pet’s level and take a photo from there. If possible let someone assist you to get your pet’s attention. Use a toy or treat to get the eyes open, ears up and focused. Take several photos to ensure you have loads of options to choose from.

What if I want two or more pets on the same canvas?

To have two or more pet portraits painted on the same canvas will increase the cost. The size will be to your preference. There is a lot more work involve. If you want your pets to be all next to each other I highly suggest you photograph all in the same light conditions.They could also be painted as in a family portrait style depending on the references received.

How do I make contact with you?

Please use the contact form to make contact with me. Indicate the size of the painting, breed and a possible photo. Alternatively you can make contact with me via Facebook Messenger. Go to my art page and click on the send message button.