You want to use what?

I recently attended an oil painting demonstration by an artist who’s work is absolutely beautiful.

She loves to paint on large canvasses. The artworks that she showcased was a landscape, seascape, cloudscape. Her work is beautiful.

She started off by explaining how she came about the subjects and what she love. Then she prepped her new canvas to start a sea/cloudscape.

The first thing that came to mind as I watched her, is how much artists techniques are different. Even though both she and I work in oils, our methods are almost as different as day and night.

Then the horror, ‘she want to use what?’ She mixes 50% hardware turpentine with 50% linseed oil to ‘activate’ the canvas. I cringed at the thought of using hardware turpentine. There is a pure artist turpentine that one need to use if you want to go that way. Hardware turpentine is to clean brushes with. The initial first clean that is. Hardware turpentine will destroy your painting 20 plus years down the line.

Later again she dipped her large brush in the turpentine and made it run on the beach portion of the painting, to illustrate the idea of adding texture. This is wrong in so many ways.

The painting at the top is from a picture I took during the demonstration. I did crop the image, one can now see only the painting she was busy with, it is however far from completion.

She is a fantastic artist and her final works are truly beautiful. I might not agree with her methods. I am very set in my methods. I did however learn from someone whom has been painting for many decades. No two artists can be the same or work the same.

You will note I did not mention the artist name. The art industry is full of critics and all of us make mistakes and need to grow. Myself included in this.

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