The alien and the pillows

At the October drawing class offered by the Upper South Coast Art Association, guests were introduced to the method of drawing loose.

I could not believe I struggled with thinking out of the box. I have never been much into abstracts, well some that is. This was surely out of my comfort zone.

Our instructor Irma demonstrated various methods of holding your pencil and the various marks or lines you make. By using your entire arm and not just your wrist, your hand can glide over the paper.

It was very informative and fun. The first prop to draw was an African statue. I drew using a pure graphite pencil and charcoal. You can see my rendition below. Does look like an alien doesn’t it? The lines is suppose to bring in the abstract element.

Our second prop to draw was pillows with various patterns. We were suppose to make it loose and abstract. I am still struggling to get out of my comfort zone of proper lines. It still was good practice. I know the photo is small, but if you can look at the rendition of the pillows the gentleman is doing. Wow, fascinating work. He surely got the abstract gene.

Below is my rendition of the pillows. Nothing abstract about it. That is just me.

Do you like to draw abstracts? Post links to your abstract drawings and give me your comments on the subject matter.

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