Taking brush cleaning to the next level

The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver was one of the items I won in the Gamblin hamper from The Italian Art Shop.

I am sharing my experience and honest feedback on this product.

I have never used an official brush cleaner product before. I only clean my brushes off in turpentine and then wash it with dish-wash soap. You can read about the process HERE.

I was very curious to try The Masters brush cleaner. I had several paint brushes that was only cleaned in the turpentine but not yet washed out so I was ready to do this.

Above in the first photo is the large bristle brush that was very hard. I realize it is hard to see this on a photo, next time I will rather take a demonstration video. I could not bend the bristles back with my forefinger.

The second photo was after I wet it and swirled it in the brush cleaner container it loosened up. It took a number of swirls to get it loose and be able to bend it back.

I was very surprised the see the amount of dirt or rather paint that was still trapped in the bristles. I swirled it aroud several times. Rinsed the brush in warm water and repeated the swirling in the tub a few times until no dirt was visible anymore.




Above is one of the brushes I used to paint the King Proteas. I did clean it off in turpentine but also haven’t washed it out with soap yet. Note the red paint residue  stain still on the brush.

I cleaned the brush in the Masters Brush Cleaner tub, swirled it around several times and rinsed it a few times.

I am very happy with the result.

Above is just a very short video to show you how soft the brushes is. I wish you can feel it. My brushes haven’t been this soft I guess since I bought it. (yes I have very old winter hands lol)

So how do you use the brush cleaner: You rinse your brush in the tub with warm water. Swirl it around until it makes a lather. Rinse it out and repeat the process as needed. The cleaner can be used with synthetic and natural brushes.

I also cleaned larger brushes, I did however cover the large brush with the cleaner and swirled it around in my hand as the tub is not that large. It worked perfectly.

There is also an option to condition and preserve the brushes: “Leave clear lather on bristles, shape brush and allow to dry. Shake dry powder off for next use” (taken from the pamplet).

I did this with two of the brushes. I did not like the feel of the brushes after it dried, I also did not get a powder. But this could be due to something I did wrong, not sure. I did rinse off those brushes again and left it to dry. The shape did improve and it was very nice and soft once dried.

I highly recommend this product. I will keep on using it going forward. If you are in South Africa and wish to give this a try, you can check it out on The Italian Art Shop’s website store by clicking HERE. If you are in another country check it out at your local art supply store or on Amazon.

Have you used it before? What is your thoughts on this?

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