Studio Tour Update

In a recent post I showed you my studio. Well as they say out with the old and in with the new. I update my studio, added some items and removed some items.

Here is the new look. I took out the big workbench my husband build for me. The workbench is now in his workshop and I just know how happy is about that. He also build me a new upright tall easel, and a small little table where I can keep my laptop on. I painted an old almost louver type little cupboard door and are using it now as my pin board.

A closer look as you can see in the photo above. The little table with the laptop (notebook) on can move up and down. I specifically wanted it that way for when I am following classes or viewing my reference photo that I can have it at eye level if I am working in a standing position.

The easel was made from repurposed wood (use to be old shelving sections in a warehouse), there was no cost involved to build it. The top and bottom part of the horizontal sections can move up and down to adjust according to canvas size. The top one I asked my husband to add it a wood part that stuck out further to enable me to lean a mahl stick against it for when doing fine detail.

If you look at the main photo right at the top you will see behind the easel is a blue container. That use to be an old filter for a mobile crane. My husband took out the inside bits and painted it. I have rolls of bubble-wrap stored inside of it. There is also a tall lamp with a movable arm next to it.

The trolley with the wheels use to be a mobile kitchen counter/block in my old house. There I have all my watercolor and pastel paper as well as my drawing/sketchbooks, printer paper and some canvas panels. Next to it just some canvasses waiting to be painted on, another table easel and hiding behind the curtain is in progress artwork.

The pin board above is one of the reclaimed and up-cycle items. Not sure where this door use to belong but hubby rescued it from the trash. I painted it white and added a charcoal border. Painted on some raised stenciling using Gesso and distressing it. The metal hearts in the corner and the little baskets is cut from the came filter (the inside section) that is now used as my bubble wrap storage container. There you can see some of my brushes and some Derwent watercolor pencils. The rose was from a class I took when I just started painting from Paint Basket. There is also a color mixing chart that I made from the course Watercolors made Simple by Watercolour with Heart. The Colour Checker, tonal charts I purchased from Paint Basket. It is called the Colour Buster. Nolan Clark explains exactly how to use it to make matching colors so much easier. There is also pictures of my dogs. Two of them are no longer with us.

Still have the same drawer cupboard, we just opened up on the back to use the wastes space and added a shelve. There is have all my pencils, pens, markers, various art supplies and recycled turps. On top my printer and some art reference books and my Canon camera. On the wall a printers tray. Still planning on painting it. Also a Koi fish painting, the sunset painting and a impressionistic painting of an olive grove. The Sunset painting was the very first oil painting I ever did.

This will not be my final studio as we will still move once again in the future. I will update about that only in a few months time. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at my little studio and what I am up to. 

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