Memorial commission paintings are always the hardest to paint for me. The loss of a beloved pet is something one can not explain to anyone. 

End of July 2020 Sargent the Pit Bull suddenly passed away. He was 13 years old. They lived on a farm and as you can imagine they both went everywhere together. Human dad Jan and Sargent was inseparable. The loss of Sargent came as a big shock to the family.

Jan’s mom asked me to paint Sargent as a surprise birthday gift for him. I managed to get the oil painting done in time and delivered it to Jan on the day of his birthday.

Below is a little video his fiancé captured the moment Jan opened his gift. Click on the image below to play the short video.

 I actually cried my eyes out when his mom send me the video. His reaction is so special and with emotion.

Below is some more photos of a happy Jan.

These are always bitter sweet. You love the painting but still you would rather have your fur friend with you.

Hope you enjoyed looking back at some beautiful memories with me.


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