Reclaimed to quirky new studio

We moved to our current house end of June 2015. It is an odd sized house. Tiny kitchen and lounge/dining area, but large bedrooms. Not typical for a normal South African home.

The only draw back was I had no formal space to work. Packing everything in a box every time after I used something and sitting at a dining room table was not ideal.

My husband found some beautiful large wooden planks at his work and brought them home. For over a year they were lying outside in the rain. During 2016 I told my husband that I wanted a studio for my birthday, which is in December.

He did not make my timeline, but my husband and son build a small studio in our garden for me and it was ready by Christmas. What a wonderful gift.

This studio is very unique and quirky. The walls, door, roofing and windows are all reclaimed items. The only cost we had was screws and sealant.

The walls was from all the wood my husband got at work. The corrugated sheets we got from a friend. The windows came from a mobile crane, a broken microwave and a heating cabinet’s doors.

There is however a major flaw in the studio. In the summer it is like a oven and in the winter very cold. When it rains extremely heavy, the studio is not accessible as it is in the garden.

The beautiful part of having a studio and finally having my own space again. Is the fact that my husband build it for me. He suffers from Osteoarthritis in his hips and back and his movement is limited with severe pain. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart that he will put me before his comfort to build this for me.

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8 thoughts on “Reclaimed to quirky new studio

  1. Val says:

    A real community effort! Congratulations on your studio Maryna, I am still working on mine… : \
    May you spend many happy hours working there. Enjoy!

    Cheers, Val

    1. Maryna says:

      Thank you for the comment Val. I am sure the hours there will be a big delight 🙂 Good luck on your studio.

  2. Liz Au says:

    Aloha, Maryna! What a beautiful and well designed blog you have here! May you have many hours of productive art making in this gift of love studio your dear husband and son built for you.

    I will post my ‘studio’ photo in my blog started recently

    God bless you,
    Your PB friend- Liz from Blue Hawaii

    1. Maryna says:

      Thank you so much Liz. Looked at your blog, looks lovely. You have beautiful artwork – well done. Great articles. I am looking forward to seeing your studio.


  3. MaryAnne Long says:


    What a cute little studio. Creative way to bring in all that natural light. Your husband is a treasure.

    Enjoy it.




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