My 2020 studio

July 2019 we moved to Gauteng province. I had to say goodbye to my new studio that I was still busy making my happy place. It was a very sad day when we left. Below is some pictures of my previous studio in Amanzimtoti.

My current studio is just temporary as it is a bedroom in a rental home. I have decided to give you a look of what it looks like. This is not a dream studio but it is working for now. I might have a new permanent studio in about a year from now.

The open doorway on the left is where you enter the room. The door on the right leads to the laundry room. The little cabinet was one part of a very big office desk. I keep my paint tubes in there.

The large grey tile in the front was one my husband bought me to use as a palette. I do however still need to cut it in half as it is very big and heavy.

There is some reference books, extra kitchen towel paper, my paperwork and printer. On the top right is my DSLR Canon camera that was a gift from my father before he passed away. My father and I were very close and I will always see him as my hero. The green wooden box below that it is where I keep all the camera accessories in.

Next to the cabinet is a homemade table easel, lamp (daylight bulb 5000k) and in the corner is my homemade mahl stick.

Top: My little Acer touchscreen notebook. It can also flip over and can be used as a tablet. Headphones – I listen either to Spotify while I work or listen to art lessons. Another homemade table easel and a table lamp next to it (hidden in view) You can see the paintings I am working on. It is a Dog Portrait course by Paint Basket Art Lessons. In front of that is a white glass glossy tile I use as my palette. In the corner ac clock and antique fan. The little black penguin bird is a mp3 player. The red basket on the corner use to be the cutlery basket inside an old dishwasher. I keep a glue stick, scissors, little ruler and old pens in there for easy reach.

Bottom: From the left. The large plastic container contains gesso, tape, fixatives, masking fluid, carpet knife and other accessories. Bottom plastic container watercolor supplies, on top of that graphite pencils. Back container hairdryer and inks. Bottles in front is my recycled turps for cleaning brushes. Will do a separate post for this. Smaller containers for pens, markers, charcoal and other drawing accessories. Then loads of drawing/sketch books, watercolor books and bullet journals. The pink box contain my pastels and aqua pencils. Right at the bottom bubble-wrap for when I courier paintings.

The trolley on the left also doubles as a craft table. IT was actually a kitchen island. Got some brushes in containers at the top. Middle row practice canvasses, rags and also my back brace. Behind the printers tray is printer paper and small wooden deep edged canvasses.

That is it for now. Hope you enjoyed my little ‘tour’.

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