Monkey see, monkey do! Part 1

Monkey see, monkey do part one is all about my beautiful daughter Makayla and her love for art.

From a teeny tot she created. She bursts with joy and color. For every birthday, Christmas and special day, she will make handmade gifts and cards. There is no money in the world that can replace that special feeling and the joy on her face.

Below is just a few of her creations through the years. Using various media such as oil pastels, graphite pencils and watercolors.

I grew up in a age where parents told their kids not to do what they do, but to do as they are told. Today’s kids are more able to express themselves. Maybe it is just my kids?

My children were taught from a very young age to follow their passion. What is life if you can’t do it with passion?

I am very privileged to be able to share my love for art and crafts with my children. They enjoy making and creating just as much as I do. My daughter will spend hours making something, painting or drawing.

When a parent create a child will mimic. We all have our own unique style. There is no right or wrong in art. You express what you see and feel. That what speaks to or from your heart. I believe my love for art has a total direct influence on my children’s desire to create.

The mixed media creations below she created via an online class presented by Nolan Clark from The Paint Basket.

The Sunflower painting consist of using acrylic paint, crack filler, beads, card stock paper and kebab sticks.

The beach painting at the top consist of using acrylic paint, crack filler, sea shells and sea sand. We are very privileged to live by the ocean.

Do you also share your creative passion with your children? Share some of their work.



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