Joe Joubert Handmade Oil Paints – first look

Full disclosure – I was given a small sample of Joe Joubert Handmade Artist Oil Paints to try and experience. This review or what I would rather call first look is my own personal opinion.

Graham Sanders, owner of Art Canvas Factory was so kind to send me samples of South African Artist Joe Joubert’s Handmade Artist Oil Paints. The two samples received are Slate Grey and Kalahari Orange Ochre.

We have to appreciate that these paints are not mass produced like most other paints out there, these are handmade by the artist himself. His passion is very evident not only in his own artwork but also his dedication to bring professional grade oils to South African artists. Listen to this interesting podcast An Artist’s Journey where artist Malcolm Dewey interviews Joe Joubert. In the interview Joe talks about how his journey started with making the oil paints.

My initial impression of the two colors: Slate Grey is almost black. It is however a black that is more alive than say Lamp or Ivory Black. It is also not a blue black such as Payne’s Grey. Adding Titanium White it makes the absolute most beautiful greys.

In the photos below is my observations of the paint. First (1) block is pure paint straight out of the tube. Second (2) is added Linseed oil – this is my go to medium. Third (3) is added a little bit of Titanium white and last block (4) with more Titanium white added. The same principle was used for each swatch.

The second color is Kalahari Orange Ochre. Wow what a pleasant surprise. For anyone that is known to the Kalahari region in South Africa this color truly hits home. The color is so spot on. It also reminds me of the mountains in the Nevada Desert in the USA.

Below is the swatches from the Kalahari Orange Ochre. The last block with the most Titanium White in, is almost like a peach or even skin tone color. I can picture this also as lovely highlights in floral paintings.

In my final swatch I mixed the Slate Grey with the Kalahari Orange Ochre. In the top row Slate Grey is mixed with a small amount of Kalahari Orange Ochre. Middle row is exactly a 50/50 mix of Slate Grey and Kalahari Orange Ochre. On the bottom row Kalahari Orange Ochre is mixed with a small amount of Slate Grey.

I have not created an artwork using these paints yet. I am however currently busy with a wildlife painting where I used Slate Grey as the background color. I added Linseed Oil to ensure the paint spread easier. My observation with this is that the paint became quite transparent. I will have to do about three layers to get a good even cover. The first layer did take about a week before it was dry to the touch. The feeling of the paint once dry is more grainy compared to other paints. Kalahari Orange Ochre is much more grainy than the Slate Grey. The smell was almost identical to my other oil paints. I did notice a very small difference in smell between the Slate Grey and the Kalahari Orange Ochre.

Thank you to the Art Canvas Factory for letting me sample the paints. If you are interested in using their canvasses you will not be disappointed. They offer various ready made sizes and also custom to your requirements. This is also my go to canvasses. Check out their website by clicking HERE. You can also check out their Facebook page HERE.

If you are interested in trying out Joe Joubert’s Handmade Artist Oil paints you can order directly from him. You can check out his Facebook page HERE. You can also check out his personal Facebook art page HERE. The Art Canvas Factory will also start to supply the paints soon. So then you can just pop it into the cart when you order you canvasses.

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