About the Artist

Since I was a youngster I have always been busy creating works of art in some or other form. The original artwork I create is works that speak to me to my soul. I love nature and have a deep love for flowers and animals, therefore I always tend to paint something relating to some form of nature in it. Every artwork is created from my heart. I take time to add every brushstroke with care.”


Maryna Moolman is an artist living and working from home in Gauteng, South Africa. She is the youngest of two children. Growing up in various towns in South Africa during her younger school years and eventually moving to Namibia during her final High School career. She later moved back to South Africa and started a career in the corporate industry. As a hobby she dabbled with various craft forms. Her initial taste into fine arts came from doing various paintings that involved flowers.

She decided to take her new found passion to the next level and took various online art classes with Dennis and Nolan Clark from the Paint Basket. Her first course was an intensive  four week drawing course. Several other courses followed in various mediums. She learned to do artworks in oils, graphite, pen, acrylic, watercolors, soft pastel, mixed media and scratch-board.

To further her art career she took a sixteen week intensive art business course through HIB.

Even though she is capable of working in various mediums, her first love is working in oil, pen and graphite.

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